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Zombie movies on Netflix 2019

If you are interested in zombie movies, you should definitely look at the 2019 list. More zombie movies are not available in the market as zombie movies demand a huge effort to publish. In the list below, you can reach “zombie movies on netflix 2019” content which we think will be a trend for us in 2019.

1- The Rezort

It can be called a movie like Jurassic Park. A group of people visit this island to entertain the zombies are hunting. As you can guess, a problem arises and the zombies are released.

2- Day of the Dead

We are in a world out of control dominated by the living dead. A small group of scientists and soldiers have sought refuge in a missile silo in Florida and trying to determine the fate of the world. Scientists try to find a treatment by making horrible experiments on the zombies they catch on one hand, while they are forced to seek quests that will satisfy their passion. After a while, the threat of the zombies infiltrating the bunker becomes even more frustrating when the researchers break down with the soldiers who realize that some of them are using them in experiments.

3- Train to Busan

The subject of the movie Train To Busan: A devastating and unstoppable virus hits South Korea. At the time, the passengers of a high-speed train from Seoul to Busan struggle for survival.

4- Gallowwalkers

A mysterious gunfighter Wesley Snipes, the child of a nun who violates her oath to God for her son to live. This situation brought a curse on Aman. So much that all the dead, killed by his weapon, are resurrect. After a while, Aman seeks out a group of dead zombies, led by the ruthless Kansa (Kevin Howarth). A young warrior is needed to stand beside him in this relentless struggle. This new student is none other than Fabulos (Riley Smith).

5- Night of the living Deb

After the girls’ night, Deb wakes up in the apartment of the most attractive boy in Portland. But he doesn’t remember how he got here. Ryan knows it’s a mistake and forces him to leave. The shame walk for Deb will be replaced by the zombie apocalypse.

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