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The best zombie movies on Netflix

If you are looking for awesome zombie movies you should check out this “the best zombie movies on netflix 2019” list.

1- Train to Busan

Sok-woo is always neglecting his daughter due to his busy work schedule. At the to request of her daughter’s birthday, she decides to go to her former husband. He gets on the train from Seoul to Busan. When the train is about to get up, the woman with the zombie virus begins to spread the virus.

2- The Rezort

Thousands of zombies were imprisoned on an island. A group of people visit this island regularly to hunt the zombies. however, as you can imagine, there is a technical failure and the zombies are released.

3- Deat Set

Dead Set is a 5-part mini-series. The subject of the series is, they (our heroes) prisoned in the house of the Big Brother. All the people out there are busy with the creature. Of course, they don’t know this because the contents of the house are in jail. Only they and a few others are unaffected.

4- Here Alone

Film, Rod Blackhurst tarafından ve David Ebeltoft tarafından yönetilmektedir. Filmde Holly Adams, Abel McSurely Bradshaw ve Jonathan Gundel rol alıyor.

5- Day Of The Dead: Bloodline

İnsan-zombilerin karışımı olan şeytani bir varlık dünyayı yok etmeye çalışır. Eski bir tıp öğrencisi ve bir yeraltı sığınağında yaşamak zorunda olan bir grup asker hayatta kalmak için savaşmalı. Hèctor Hernández Vicens, George Romero’nun “Ölülerin Günü” uyarlamasıyla yönetmenin sandalyesinde oturuyor.

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