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Best TV series on Netflix IMDb

In this context, we will show which netflix series has the highest IMDb. İf you want seeing all Netflix best series according to IMDb score, you must open IMDb site. Below we can see ” first 5 best Netflix series’s according to IMDb score”.

1- Black Mirror (8.9)

The Black Mirror arrangement, which is managed by a wide range of writers and executives, reveals to us how the innovation is relied upon to make our lives less demanding.

2- Stranger Things (8.9)

The main point of the series is that strange things start in a rather small town. In the first part of our 8-part mini-series, a boy named Will is kidnapped by something strange. During 7 episodes his mother, older brother, closest friends, second strange a girl and sheriff, they’re searching the boy.

3- House of Cards (8.8)

The series story about Frank Underwood and his wife Claire Underwood, who are elected to the democratic party. Frank Underwood waiting to be appointed US Foreign Minister and he doesn’t beget a return for efforts. From this point on, we see that Frank, who has been developing ruthlessly but equally creative plans with his wife, Claire Underwood, has manipulated those around her and has come to the fore to come to the desired position.

4- The Punisher (8.6)

The series story about: The murders killed Frank Castle’s wife and son. Frank Castle’s outing a revenge journey for wife and son. Castle turned to “The Punisher” on this road. Now ready to solve injustices affecting not only their own family but also more people.

5- Daredevil (8.7)

The story takes place in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. Matt Murdock had a radioactive accident at the age of 9 and a radioactive substance spilled into his eyes. That accident his caused him to lose eyes. However, he were easily detect the shape and location of everything around him. Matt’s dad blames himself for the accident that happened to his son. That’s why he quits his job and gives himself back to boxer. During a fight, he was killed because he did not do what he was told. Matt’s arch-enemy is now Kingpin, who killed his father. Daredevil (Matt Murdock) begins to provide justice in Hellleris Kitchen as a lawyer during the day and as Daredevil at night.

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