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Best TV series on Netflix 2019

If you are looking for a new Netflix series to watch in 2019, absolutely look at this content. This content is prepared for you with the title “best tv series on netflix 2019”. You maybe watched one or more series in the below list. However, the series you are not watched, definitely have in the list.

Stranger Things

One of the best Netflix series of all time. It has a popularity that will never end. The series reflects the atmosphere of the 80s. It all starts with the disappearance of a 12-year-old boy named Will. Everyone’s looking for him. However, at the end of the searches, the mysterious girl emerges and the events take on a different dimension.

Black Mirror

It was a mini-series like Stranger Things, but with Netflix’s purchase, it reached up to 4th seasons. It reflects how dangerous today’s technology is. Although technology makes life easier, it brings dangers. The series want talk about that.

Russian Doll

The series is mention a young woman who thinks she’s attending an ordinary party in New York City. Woman to name Nadia realizes that as the clocks progress, he is mysteriously unable to leave the party. The young woman suddenly finds herself in mysterious cases in which she does not understand what is happening. After an accident, Nadia wakes like nothing happened and re-dies. Moreover, again in the middle of the party. She tries to get away from the party and dies again with different accidents each time.

Queer Eye

In 2003, it was published as “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy 2003. Now is a program that is re-created by Netflix. Each section, consists of 5 different gay experts in different fields, to do mentoring to hetero men.

The Crown

The Crown is an historic television series prepare by Peter Morgan, produce by Sony Pictures Television for Left Bank Pictures and Netflix. The series, Queen II. It is a biography story describing Elizabeth’s reign.

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