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Best family movies on Netflix 2019

Do you want to spend fun hours with your family? Who doesn’t want to have those good memories. If you are a member of Netflix, you can watch movies with your family. Especially in the category of family movies can be preferred. If you want to family category watch movies in the , see “best family movies on Netflix 2019” list. Please choose your favorite movie from “best family movies on Netflix 2019” list below.

Stick Man

Stick man stick wife and three stick children lifes in a tree house. After Mr. Stick’s after experiencing bad events the winter, will he be able to return to his family in time for Christmas?

Super Monsters Save Halloween

It’s Halloween. Super Dead are ready to celebrate with candies, costumes and music that will put you in the air. Super Dead are using their powers to get their neighbors into Halloween. Then he shows his timid mates that there’s nothing to be afraid of.


Bolt, a German Shepherd dog, has lived his entire life as an action TV show hero. Bolt believes he has superpowers. One day he unwittingly leaves the studio and he meets female cat a hamster named Mittens and Rhino. On the journey of these three friends, Bolt realizes that their superpowers are not actually there, and that the reality of the world outside the studio is very different.

Happy Feet

This warm animated film tells the story an extraordinary penguin called have a crappy voice Mumble. In Antarctica, all the penguins of the region have a p Songs to the Heart böl to be able to express themselves to their soul mates. However, Mumble’s voice is very poor and it is not possible for him to catch true love unless he can find the song in question and tell his soul mate. Mumble has a different talent, he’s a great tap dancer! His mother, Norma Jean, finds this talent adorable, while his father, Memphis, thinks he is not a penguin. Mumble’s best friend Gloria is the best-singing penguin in the area, and Mumble is in trouble. Emperor Penguin excludes him from this society due to these cases of Mumble. When Mumble moves away from his home for the first time, he meets penguins with a completely different soul. Happy Feet received the Best Animation of the Year Award at the 2007 Oscar Awards.

Dear Dracula

One of the most popular aliens come to World. She encounter faces a girl named Lilo off the coast of Hawaii. Lilo thinks this creature is a little puppy and calls him Stitch. Stitch, however, is the product of a laboratory of another planet. In spite of all its strangeness, Stitch will gain the appreciation, love and love of the worlders.


Tarzan is found and grown as a baby by monkeys in the African forests. However, Tarzan’s happy and peaceful life in the forest is turned upside down when people learn that he is one of them when he comes to the forest. Jane struggles to find out what family she is in, and Jane gets confused by her love for man. In the meantime, one of the people who came to the forest is planning to harm the monkeys.

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